Free YouTube Shorts Videos Guides Earn 100$ to $10,000 Per month

YouTube Shorts: Choosing Your Topic, Channel Name & Style

Terms and Conditions for YouTube Shorts

1. Video length Should be 1 minute or less than 1 minute 

2. Must upload minimum 1 video in a Month

3. Video must be Viral

4. No Problem if your channel is new do not have 1k subs or 4k watch hours

5. YouTube shorts is not only for new channel Old You Tubers can also upload the shorts and can earn 100$ to 10,000$ per month 


Community Guide line must keep in mind about community guide line.

Copy right strikes do not forget copy right issue.

Background music you cannot use famous songs or movies music in your background shorts videos. Try to use YouTube music library YouTube has his own audio library where you can find 1000's of free music which you can use in your YouTube shorts video background. Do not use other person video by editing his video if you see other video which is viral and you are thinking to upload that video in your YouTube shorts video that is a big mistake if you upload that video that video will not go viral if suppose that video is gone viral but YouTube will not give money on that video because that video is not yours

Don’t use tiktok Facebook water mark videos if you use the Facebook or tiktok videos it has his own logo or water mark on video so that will appear on your YouTube shorts videos so YouTube will not give you any money on that video

Do not use Kine master logo videos now a days in every mobile people download kine master video editing app these video editing apps has logo on videos for example if you edit a videos on video editing app on that video will has a logo of the same video editing app unless you buy a paid version of that video editing app

Note: - your age should be 18

Make AdSense account AdSense account is must because YouTube will give you money in AdSense account

Payment will come into AdSense your viral video payment will be transfer into your AdSense account

If you are not 18 then add your family member detail. If your age is below 18 and you are making YouTube shorts and your videos is gone viral and YouTube giving you money then you will make absence account of of your family which is 18 or 18+ because AdSense require a 18 age person

Every month in first 10 days you will receive an email you will know how much bonus you have earned. In starting days of every month YouTube will send you an email on your email account YouTube will inform you the detail of your viral video and the money

Must claim that bonus before 25th date or else it will expire. If you did not claim your bonus money which you have earned from YouTube shorts video that money will be expire after 25th date so before 25th date of every month you should transfer money from your AdSense account to your bank account Your bonus will be transfer every month of 21st date. YouTube will transfer your all money at least of 21st date you will have money in your AdSense account before than 21st date of every month

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